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Free Y2K Help for home & small business.

I. Intro
II. A Road Map to Microsoft Software Y2K Compliance
III. The Microsoft Y2K Web Site
IV. For the USA
V. For Windows 95
VI. For Windows 98
VII. For Windows NT v. 4.0 Server and Workstation
VIII. For Office 97
IX. For Microsoft Internet Explorer
X. Two digit dates vs four digit dates.
XI. The Y2K Urban Legend Debunked
XII. Most of this stuff on one CD
XIII. Rant
There are many different parts of your computer that need to be y2k compliant. Not only the hardware but your operating system and program software should be checked and updated as needed. By the way, if your hardware is not ready, or if you are not sure, I like Norton 2000 from Symantec. It checks not only your hardware and your software but your data too. If your hardware fails the y2k test :-( they include a software bug fix that takes care of that without having to buy a new computer or any other hardware for that matter. By the way, the alternatives to all of the following stuff are very limited. 1. You can try to ignore the problems. 2. You can pay more money to go buy more wonderful new Microsoft software or a new computer with the same pre loaded. 3. You can switch to the Linux operating system. 4. If you are in the Detroit area give me a call and I can come by and help you out in person for a small fee. Go ahead and leave a voice mail message at 1-800-989-4726 I'll call back when I get some free time. Free time, ha!

A Road Map to Microsoft Software Y2K Compliance
Most small business folks like myself find themselves using Micro$oft operating systems and software products. Many of which are Y2K "Compliant (prerequisite required)". That is Bill Gates double speak for 'well it almost is, but first you need to run the bug fix program'. Kinda reminds me of a particular question about the meaning of the word 'is'. Oh well, 'nuff said, Mr. Gates and his fine corporation have been kind enough to provide the computing public with a program that you can use to test all of the Micro$oft software on your computer and verify your state of Y2K readiness. Or if you are reading this after 01/01/00, why it is that your computer doesn't know that tomorrow starts at 12:00 Midnight and not 1:00 AM. Microsoft has stated that they intend to support both Windows 95 and Office 97 until January 1, 2001 My hope is that they will have the bug fixed version of Windows 2000 out by then and I can skip Windows 98 altogether unless I need a USB port for some reason or another.

Anyway, The Microsoft Y2K Web Site, is a very busy place right now,
and is located at http://www.microsoft.com/y2k/ or http://www.microsoft.com/year2000/
They tend to always change the links around which is why I have included so many links here following. You are looking for a file called y2k_en.exe for the english version. You can scroll down the first page and look for the Microsoft Year 2000 Resource Center for Home and Small Business Computers and pick the right country or skip down this page here a bit further to the links in the next section if you dare.

For the USA
At  http://computingcentral.msn.com/guide/year2000/msy2k/introducing/y2khome.asp
you can click on the "Microsoft Product Analyzer" and it should take you to
http://computingcentral.msn.com/guide/year2000/msy2k/learningmore/analyzer.asp which tells you about it  http://www.microsoft.com/technet/year2k/pca/pca.htm is where you can download it (y2k_en.exe) About three quarters of the way down this page there is a drop down box asking you to "Select Language" click on the language that you want and click on the "Download Intel Version" button if you are using an Intel, AMD or Cyrix processor in your computer with Windows 95 or 98. If you are using Windows NT get the "Administrators Version". If you are using an Alpha processor you should already know what to do. Download it, put it into a directory that you can find again, I use C:\download\microsoft myself for a directory name. Run y2k_en.exe and it will create a directory called C:\Y2KScan Run the Y2kscan.exe program, go ahead and let it check for and download the latest version of y2kdbEN.txt if needed. It will create a web page report by default on your computer called C:/Y2KSCAN/y2krep.htm

Once you run the Y2kscan.exe analyzer program the web page that it saves on your computer will have links to the following and others.

For Windows 95
 You are looking for win95y2k.exe Once you run it, if your computer locks up and will not quit when you are trying to restart that may indicate that something else needs to be updated first. Go ahead and hit the reset button and let it run scandisk on the way back in. Run the Y2kscan.exe program again to see if your version of Windows 95 is now "Compliant" instead of still "Compliant (prerequisite required)" after you tried to update. If so, you lucked out. If not, you can try the following here that took me a couple of weeks to figure out.

Uninstall MS Internet Explorer 5. Install MS Internet Explorer 4.01 with Service Pack 2. You know the version that you did not want to install beacuse it takes over your desktop. You can tell it not to, but it eats all of your Netscape shortcuts anyway and makes them all into MSIE shortcuts. Update the MS Outlook email client with the year 2000 bug fix. It doesn't matter if you don't use Outlook, you have to update it to make the OS appear to work correctly. That should do it. Run the Y2kscan.exe program again to see if your version of Windows 95 is now "Compliant" instead of still "Compliant (prerequisite required)". Then go ahead and reinstall MS Internet Explorer 5 so that Quicken 2000 will work correctly again. If you are using a proxy server be sure to diable the automatic detect proxy "feature". Then go back and download and reinstall all of the security hole bug fixes again. Wheeee...

For Windows 98
Run the "Update Windows 98" built in wizard. It sorta looks like they did fix some six thousand bugs in Windows 95 Be sure that you are either running the second edition of Windows 98 or update yourself to at least that far. This is the bug fix for the bug fix that created the other bugs when you ran it to fix the first bugs. Be sure to run the Y2kscan.exe program again to see if your version of Windows 98 is now "Compliant" instead of something else.

For Windows NT v. 4.0 Server and Workstation

I have heard mixed reviews about service pack 4. I am still on service pack 3 which has minor y2k issues and am a fixing to update to service pack 5. I have heard that service pack 6 is the nightmare version that will make you want to upgrade to the Windows 2000 Server Edition. Remember the last release of Win32s for Windows v. 3.11 way back when?

For Office 97

1. Download the Office 97 Version Checker program sr2chk.exe I last saw it available from http://officeupdate.microsoft.com/articles/sr2fact.htm at the "What you need to install Office 97 SR-2b" section just click on the Office 97 Version Checker link  http://officeupdate.microsoft.com/downloaditems/sr2chk.exe Run the Office 97 checker program sr2chk.exe
A. If instructed to then run the SR-1 update program sr1off97.exe first before you attempt the SR-2b update I last saw it available from http://officeupdate.microsoft.com/articles/sr1fact.htm
2. Run the Office 97 checker program sr2chk.exe again
A. If OK > Run the Office 97 SR-2b update

B. If you get stuck > Run the first Windows Y2kscan.exe program again

i. Then reinstall from your Office 97 CD whatever Office 97 components that do not show SR-1 in the new y2krep.htm report that you just generated, Like MS Word v. 8.0
ii. Run the SR-1 update program sr1off97.exe again
iii. Run the Office 97 checker program sr2chk.exe again
a. go to step 3. unless your computer locks up.

b. If your windows explorer gets stuck CTRL ALT DEL to get the task manager showing and end task explorer, wait fifteen seconds each time, end task a few times if needed, try the start menu to see if it is working. If your windows explorer is still stuck restart in safe mode once by using the F8 key when you first see the message "Starting Windows 95" after rebooting. Restart in normal mode. End task explorer a few more times if needed.

3. If OK > Run the SR-2b update SR2bOF97.EXE you will need to enter of course a Office 97 License number this time. This bug fix is like 25 MB and cost them a bit to produce. I last saw it available from http://officeupdate.microsoft.com/articles/sr2fact.htm

4. Run the Office 97 checker program sr2chk.exe again and all should be well. Except perhaps a problem with macros in Excel. I'll post the fix for that one just as soo as I figure it out. This one occured on two Dell machines with a pre-loaded version of Office 97.

5. You can run the Y2kscan.exe program again to double check and see if all of your Office 97 components are now Compliant instead of Compliant (prerequisite required)

For Microsoft Internet Explorer
I personally sorta like Internet Explorer version 5. This version has been hacked and cracked many times just like the other versions so I would strongly advise that you download all of the security updates. Three of these will require that you restart your computer, what fun. I also refuse to utilize the Micro$oft (Lookout for your data integrity) Outlook email client. I consider it to be way too much of a security risk for me or my networking clients. I use both Netscape Communicator and Pegasus but most any other email client program is just fine like Eudora or DTS mail or a zillion others.

Two digit dates vs four digit dates.
It is a good idea to set your computer to use four digit dates by default to avoid confusion between 1900 and 2000 or 1943 or 2043 for that matter. I already did that one last spring on all of the computers I am responsible for. There is a program that will do this automaticly located at http://www.microsoft.com/windows95/downloads/contents/WURecommended/S_WUFeatured/DateConversion/default.asp

The Y2K Urban Legend Debunked

Subject:  Re: How to make your computer Y2K compliant.
Someone emailed this info to me.  I am passing it along.

> Here   is the fix if you haven't already done it:   Double click on "My Computer". 
> Double click on "Control Panel".   Double click on "Regional Settings" icon. 
> Click on the "Date" tab at the top of the page.  Where   it reads, "Short Date Sample",
> look and see if it shows   a "two digit" year.  (It probably does). That's the default 
> setting for Windows 95, Windows 98 and NT.   This date feeds application software and
> WILL NOT   rollover to the year 2000 if set to two year digits.  It will   roll over to 00.
> (This could cause failure of software which   accesses your computer's date). 
> Click on the button across from "Short Date Style" and   select the option that shows, mm/dd/yyyy.
> (Be sure your   selection has four Y's showing, not two) 
> VERY IMPORTANT:   Then click on "Apply" and then click on "OK" at the bottom. 
> Easy enough to fix.  However, every single installation of   Windows worldwide is defaulted to fail Y2K rollover.


The message that you sent me is an example of an "urban legend". That is containing some truth and some mis-information.
While both I myself and Micro$oft recommend changing to the four digit short date format to avoid possible confusion, this is not anticipated to cause the kind of problem mentioned. Microsoft's answer to this message is located at
http://www.microsoft.com/y2k/hoax/y2khoax.htm  The procedure stated in the message is a correct manner in which to
accomplish the change from the two digit to the four digit short date format. This does not make your computer any more
Y2K compliant than changing January to Januark or February to Februark does.

Micro$oft claims that Windows 98 is already Y2K compliant. To make your Windows 95 fully Y2K compliant you will
need to run a software update program. I have simplified instructions on how to accomplish this available at my pc100 web
site located at http://www.pc100.com/y2k   I am still working on this, your questions and comments are most welcome,
which I may publish there to help other folks out too.

Yours in Christ Jesus


All      Most of this stuff on one CD
In the US, to obtain the Year 2000 Resource Center CD from Microsoft that will include the Windows 95 year 2000 software update, please click here or call 1-888-MSFT-Y2K.

When considering any Micro$oft software I personally find the following statement helps me to keep things in perspective.

"Just Remember, The Operating System Is The Virus"

 www.pc100.com is from the fine feathered folks at  the Memory Store  A Microsoft Disgusted Solution Provider.
All trademarks are the property of their respective owners &cetera. I am sorry to have to dis Micro$oft so much, but how many misteaks can one make before it becomes obvious that there is a pattern of, at the very least, irresponsible corporate behavior here. Give me a break, all I want is cost effective, relatively bug free and reliable computing. Is that way too much to ask? Should not a corporation build itself on good products that make customers happy instead of doing proprietary incompatible things meant to break competitors products? Don't blame me if you crash your computer, I am only trying to help. Ah well, stupid computers, when they work right they are a great thing. Sosueme, if I had deep pockets I wouldn't be giving it away for free here.

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