Stupid computer y2k trick.


Y2K woes???? There is a quick fix for early operating systems and embeded controllers! Set the date for the year 2000 to 1972 instead. At least you will be using the right calendar and leap years will be in the right place. So what if you are 28 years off? At least the stooopid computer won't crash and you won't have to buy any software until you really want to. What on earth did they make white out for anyway??????


A friend just told me a story about a data recorder that failed the y2k test. They had to replace the hard drive for $3000 and start over. He said for the next test they are going to try my 28 year forced error stupid computer y2k trick and post process the data.


If you are worried about it anyway, quit wondering about it. Backup your data and set the date ahead to the year 2000, 2001, 2006 etc. and see if all of the programs that you use every day still work OK or not. Don't forget to try Sept. 9 1999 if you are still using COBOL.  Windoze 95 works OK, sort of, for a while at least, sometimes, at least that is a $89 first step toward compatibility? Did you know that the Windows NT version 4.0 even upgraded to service pack 3 still has leap year problems that will not be fixed until service pack 4 comes out? There are alot of folks out there with many other quick fixes like RighTime and others.



Questions still ??? go to the official year 2000 website